You may have noticed a few new things.  Mostly just the navigation at the top of the page.  What does this mean for you?  Not much at the moment.  They are mostly just place holders.  I refer you to yesterdays post.  For now though they just look pretty.  Just like you.  You beautiful little visitor you.  That’s right.  Thanks for visiting and making this site look that much better.  Creeped out yet?  Well… LOOK BEHIND YOU!  Now back at me.  Now at your hands.  Now bark like a dog.  Ok.  Now anyone in the room is creeped out too.  It’s all about expanding your circle of influence.

Not that you know this, but I’ve been automatically trying to spell things phonetically this whole time.  Something is wrong with me.  I think it’s a sign that my intelligence is fading.  Stop eating my brain fuel!