Well that’s the end of Seymour. For now I suppose. Into the woods we go!

So, haters aside, I can’t help but feel that the added assistance of my cohorts is quite benefiting the appearance of the site and the comic. It is quite appreciated! Hopefully as a reader it is evident also. Certainly it isn’t the best, but it still better than it was. We are but men.

Hey remember that time you read my comic and laughed? Oh, me neither. I guess you just don’t like me. Maybe it’s my hair. Should I cut it? Longer? Me oh my. This isn’t good-bye is it? You’re not leaving me are you? I’m so lonely on this web-page. I hop you come back again. When you leave the light shuts off and it’s quite cold. Also the air. There’s not much of it. If you come back would you mind bringing an air tube? It would surely be appreciated.